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SNA Leadership Team


President: Liz Potter
Second-year MSN/DPD; Tampa, FL.
When I’m not studying, I practice yoga and I love to run, bike and hike
to explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I have a deep love for the
Bastyr community, and I have many plans for this wonderful school year!
Contact me if you need anything: 

Vice President: Katherine Metzelaar 
Second-year MSN/DPD; Wilmington, DE.  
In my leisure time, I love to eat organ meats, ferment anything
that grows, and salsa dance any and everywhere I go! Join me!

Vice President: Anisa Woodall
Second-year MSN/DPD; Northern California. 
My background is in exercise science and massage, and when
​I’m not studying, I love to rock-climb, play soccer, and cook.

Secretary: Tiffany Craig
Second-year MSN/DPD; San Diego, CA
I am a southern California native transplantedto Washington to
attend Bastyr. When I’m off from studying, I play soccer, practice
yoga and work at Lululemon Athletica.

Treasurer: Emily Haymond
Second-year MSN/DPD; Denver, CO.
When I’m not studying, I love to hike, bike, run, try anything crafty
Contact me for all of your club monetary needs!

Top Chef Coordinators 
Kelsey Perusse
Emily Haymond
Megan McLean

Public Policy and
Community Liaisons

Aleta Storch
Erica Olin

Volunteer Coordinator
​Tiffany Craig
Social Committee
Jessica Rice
Jenn West
Jen Plumb

Fundraiser Coordinators
Yuka Couweleers
Margaret Lyons

Interdisciplinary Outreach Coordinator
Alicia Braman
Teen Feed Coordinators 
Mickinzie Lopez Kelsey Perusse Lisa Carigg Erin Rudin Emily Haymond

Garden Liaison Mirit Markowitz

Mentorship Coordinator
Maggie Capron