Friday, May 25th




Homegrown Roots
Erica Ojong

Dorie Hogan

Rachel Elliot

Amusing Bouche
Anna Fogel

Julia Ahmadi

Connie Zhang

Robin Travis 

Thank you to all who made this event a success!


Cut-Throat Culinary
Elayna Kober

Allie Lechowitz

Jazmyne Stroy

Honoka Takino

MinhHai Doan

​​Herb n' Life
Elizabeth Des Hotel

Kim Georges

Natalya Erbel

Alex Owen

SNA Soiree

A night to support Teen Feed


Previously called, Top Chef, the SNA Soiree is SNA's largest fundraising event for Teen Feed. Teen Feed is a service provided by SNA to bring delicious and healthy meals to those who are hungry. Come and make this new event a success and ensure that we will be able to continue to give back to our community. 

Wednesday, May 16th 

12-12:50 pm

Rm 146


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