SNA Soiree

A night to support Teen Feed

April 21, 2018


Cut-Throat Culinary
Elayna Kober

Allie Lechowitz

Jazmyne Stroy

Honoka Takino

MinhHai Doan

​​Herb n' Life
Elizabeth Des Hotel

Kim Georges

Natalya Erbel

Alex Owen

student nutrition association


Homegrown Roots
Erica Ojong

Dorie Hogan

Rachel Elliot

Amusing Bouche
Anna Fogel

Julia Ahmadi

Connie Zhang

Robin Travis 

Thursday, April 12th 

12-12:50 pm

Rm 184


Previously called, Top Chef, the SNA Soiree is SNA's largest fundraising event for Teen Feed. Teen Feed is a service provided by SNA to bring delicious and healthy meals to those who are hungry. Come and make this new event a success and ensure that we will be able to continue to give back to our community. 




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